Salon Values

Ecological – We champion ecological consciousness intertwined with sustainable practices and our core values, with a commitment to preserving and enhancing the well-being of the planet. We focus on being over 95% plastic-free with products that are cruelty-free, vegan, and in glass, aluminum, or up-cycled packaging.

Clean Air Salon – We pride ourselves in being one of the first and only clean-air salons in North America since 2014. We’ve led the way by winning the VISH North American Waste Warrior 2023 Award for the least wasteful salon in North America. From top to bottom, our salon specializes in organic, biodynamic, and non-toxic hair products removing all aerosols to keep a truly clean air salon while using live plants to filter the air and only organic essential oils as fragrance in the salon.


At Ka’ton Salon, our global team of artists brings over 60 years of combined experience behind the styling chair.

Collaboration – As a salon, we work as a team, to go above & beyond to make every client’s day. We embrace collaboration as a cornerstone of our success, valuing diverse perspectives and collective efforts to actively share goals. Part of this process includes clients coming to any stylist in the salon so we can properly serve a great experience. No stylist should feel territorial of clients interacting with or booking with another stylist.

Positive Vibes – We approach every opportunity with a positive mindset, fostering hope and possibilities in our staff and our clients.

Growth – We cultivate and propagate a commitment to constantly grow, both individually and as a community, embracing challenges and learning opportunities together.